Tips for Watching Sumo in

Japan Sumo season

1. Pick your date from our schedules. 2. Securely purchase with Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, find or PayPal. 3. Tickets hand-delivered to your hotel or other Japan target. (you may possibly purchase without yet getting your target. We'll follow through for the.)

We're pleased to supply private service for tickets here at

I’m usually asked about getting seats in Japan. Before I've suggested:

"simply arrive. You'll receive a seat."

It was particularly optimistic guidance because of the interest in baseball and sumo, the habit of Japanese to buy tickets far ahead of time, and sometimes sold-out dates. Sometimes even when I became particular a-game would not be sold out, it turned into. I looked like an idiot.

"decide to try the advance sale solution outlets."

We advised advance-sale outlets and then discover so many people thwarted by failure to find a socket, the difficult, repayment hassles, and sold out events because their particular travel times didn't allow them to take Japan early enough to get tickets.

"perhaps you could decide to try some thing on the web."

Japanese using the internet services in many cases are not able to accept out-of-country bank cards and/or need to have a Japanese address and phone to go with the charge card, with the latest issue being instances of online counterfeit ticket printing or computer printed barcodes not accepted as valid for entry.

Do The Things I Do

At long last woke around advise doing what I do, along side staff scouts, Major League Baseball workers and lots of travel agents. Have actually Michael Westbay in Japan ensure you get your passes obtainable. Michael, a California native, has lived in Japan along with his family for more than two decades.

You spend what we do - a moderate tip for his attempts in getting your seats and achieving them securely delivered to you. This tip is more than offset by your vacation money and time conserved, hassle avoided, and peace of mind.

Michael is the private solution Concierge while you're in Japan. You will have all his email address. He is a terrific resource to own standing by in which he's given assistance on numerous subjects to your JapanBall ticket holders.

Assured Cost and Ticket Delivery

Michael virtually appears in your devote the ticket range. You never spend over everything yourself would buy such seats making use of a charge card.

We ask you for only sufficient per admission to consider the forex price, bank card usage, and ticketing fee, if any, for the specific place. The exact same prices you would deal with.

In certain cases you will find cost campaigns we uncover, and we also'll refund the savings to you.

Tickets are sent to your hotel or any other address in Japan. Fully Guaranteed.

Except we can not guarantee distribution to Airbnb or comparable temporary rentals, but we've solutions which have worked 100percent of the time. for details.

We do not deliver seats outside Japan. We like to maintain your passes inside our regional fingers all of the time. We've never ever, perhaps not as soon as, didn't have tickets delivered as guaranteed.

If you don't ask usually whenever you order, we are going to target distribution toward check-in time of this first place you remain, ideally at the least two days before very first event.

Ticket envelopes should never be left without a trademark. All hotel front desks will sign for your solution envelope and hold it for your arrival.

Feel free to order today without yet having your resort or distribution target. Don't be concerned, we'll tell you.

We figure you want to go to the event, anytime your selected cost range is sold out we will get the next lower offered cost range and refund the total amount, if you do not instruct united states usually during the order process.

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