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New York Public Library

To win a fight, a sumo wrestler must push, slap or body place until his opponent may be out of the ring or part of his competitor's human anatomy details the ground or will leave the ring.

Sumo is a grueling sport. To win a battle, a wrestler, or rikishi, must press, punch or body-throw until their adversary out of the band. Instead, element of their adversary's human anatomy - that aren't the soles of their feet - must touch the bottom or leave the band.

Numerous rikishi pack in the pounds so that they cannot be pressed around easily. Wrestlers tend to weigh 220 to 440 weight, in accordance with Japan's national tourism organization. Professional rikishi typically reside in sumo stables, or beya, where they must follow rigid training, consuming and sleeping schedules. A typical schedule involves hours of training in the first morning, accompanied by a high-calorie brunch and a nap assure slow digestion. The big human anatomy, slicked back topknot and loin fabric of a sumo wrestler is instantly identifiable.

This new York Public Library recently digitized some unusual pictures of sumo wrestlers thought to be drawn in the belated 19th century. Check out and marvel at even more of these photographs under.

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