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Basho’s Riak TS deployed by Intellicore at FIA Formula E Championship race in London

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London – 4th July 2016, Basho Technologies, the producer of Riak® KV and Riak® TS, the world’s most resistant NoSQL databases, announces Intellicore’s use of Riak TS to power its Sports information Management Platform, employed by electric racing company Formula E to produce realtime battle analysis to its customers.

Intellicore’s Sports information control system provides an additional display knowledge for recreations organisations such as for example Formula E, the nationwide Rugby League (NRL) and Wembley Stadium. The platform was designed to faultlessly provide live evaluation for watchers of sporting events at massive scale. During a Formula E battle, Intellicore collects natural data from pioneering electric race cars, providing spectators with real time statistics and evaluation once the competition takes place.

During a normal 50-minute Formula E race, the automobiles of nine groups produce roughly 1Gb of telemetry information per driver. Data is received from the track at a consistent level of 400 packets per second, each packet containing around countless telemetry occasions, Over 1.2m packets are received during a race. The Intellicore system has to aggregate, normalise and redistribute that information in real time to Formula E worldwide audience via the formal mobile and tablet Formula E software alongside downstream customer applications. The platform relies on Riak TS and it is arranged to handle up 40, 000 transactions per second, to keep, process and offer Intellicore information needs .

Intellicore had been planning to provide the required performance utilizing existing relational database technologies, nonetheless this proved difficult while they were not designed for managing time stamped telemetry information through the vehicles, otherwise called time show information. Basho’s recently launched time series NoSQL database, Riak TS, was able to deal with this challenge since it is optimised for storing time sets data reliably at huge scale. Riak TS aggregates all data points and ensures a detailed high-speed real time transmission of second display screen information.

“We were hit because of the difficulties of volume, latency and cost when it came to our information.” stated Christian Trotobas, CEO, Intellicore. “We needed a solution which was capable measure rapidly, plus one which wouldn’t fail whilst coping with goal critical workloads. Coupled with this we were shopping for something with working ease. With Riak TS we got all of this, and in which generally you will need some body into the staff that is specialized in maintaining and optimising the machines, our development team is able to protect this individually with truly structured our progress, and stored resources to place towards innovation.”

Formula E spectators will have use of a specially designed application that uses Intellicore’s treatment for aggregate and visualise data like a car’s top rate, its position on a live chart, the movie feed of drivers’ cockpit and portion of lap conclusion. Like Formula E, once the information is normalised, Intellicore customers can leverage information to enable applications and 2nd display screen encounters, empower game side decisions also to be able to in addition sell the feed as a service to broadcasters for them to display it to a live audience.

About Basho Technologies
Basho, the creator associated with world’s most resilient databases, is aimed at establishing troublesome technology that simplifies companies’ most significant distributed systems data management difficulties. Basho features drawn one of the more gifted sets of designers and technical experts ever before put together committed solely to solving probably the most complex issues presented by Big Data and IoT. Basho’s delivered database, Riak® KV, the leading distributed NoSQL database, is employed by fast-growing online companies and by one-third of the Fortune 50 to power their particular critical Web, cellular and personal applications. Built on the exact same foundation, Basho introduced Riak TS, which is the very first enterprise-ready NoSQL database specifically optimized to keep, question and analyze time show information. Riak could be the registered trademark of Basho Technologies, Inc.

About Intellicore

Intellicore delivers revolutionary solutions for electronic exploitation of activities data and is a trailblazer in terms of real-time important information evaluation for almost any sport. The company focuses primarily on facilitating the ingestion, normalization and circulation of sports information content and turnkey solutions for broadcasters, liberties owners and expert service providers.
Intellicore has-been recognised by numerous business frontrunners as best in class for the smooth distribution of cleaned recreation data from any supplier immediately and it has been recognized with a number of prizes for its revolutionary and fan appealing solutions.

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