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Nomi no Sukune Sumo

Sumo Shrine, Nara, Japan.

Sumo Shrine 相撲神社

Sumo Shrine (Sumo Jinja) is based near Anashinimasuhyozu Shrine (穴師坐兵主神社) north-east of the main Asuka historic area in the Sakurai region of Nara Prefecture.

Sumo Shrine, Sakurai, Nara PrefectureSumo Shrine, Sakurai, Nara Prefecture

History of Sumo Shrine

According to the The Nihon Shoki, the second-oldest guide on Japanese record (posted in 720 A.D. and usually viewed as much more precisely recounting actual occasions compared to Kojiki, the oldest Japanese book which is more concerned with the legends for the gods), a sumo bout took place right here between a nearby swaggerer called Taima no Kuehaya and Nomi no Sukune from Izumo (present-day Shimane Prefecture).

The bout ended up being arranged because of the Emperor Suinin who had been the celebrated ruler of Yamato during the early first century.

Nomi no Sukune, supposedly an ancestor of this scholar Sugawara no Michizane (845-903), prevailed within the bout killing his adversary by breaking his ribs and testicles.

Sumo Shrine, Nara, Japan.Nomi no Sukune was asked to dominate their opponent's land in which he along with his followers became the initial manufacturers of haniwa - terracotta clay numbers hidden using dead through the Kofun stage.

Nomi no Sukune by Kikuchi Yosai

Sumo Shrine
Nara Prefecture 633-0032
Tel: 07
Hours: No closing times.
Admission: Free.

Access - getting to Sumo Shrine

Sumo Shrine is many quickly achieved from Sakurai Station on the JR Line from Nara Station rather than in the Kintetsu Line from Yamato-Saidaiji Station and Kintetsu Nara Station.

Your way from JR Nara Station to Sakurai Station takes 30 minutes (320 yen) and is included in the JR Rail Pass. Just take coach #60 or #62 from JR or Kintetsu Sakurai facility and obtain down at Sumo Jinja-guchi. The shrine is a 20-minute walk from bus end. Sumo Shrine normally 1.5km eastern of Makimuki Station on JR Sakurai Line.

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