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Sumo wrestling in Tokyo

Sumo Wrestling in TokyoAs Japan's national sport, sumo wrestling is an important area of the nation's tradition. The vast majority of Japan's sumo wrestlers reside in Tokyo's Ryogoku area, with supported the sport's hub for the previous two hundreds of years. Having its heavyweight athletes, old-fashioned mawashi rigid buckle uniforms and long record, the activity remains a remarkable experience for spectators.

Sumo goes to old times but still involves tips regarding the religious Shinto traditions it originally involved. Before a tournament begins, the band is sprinkled with sodium in addition to wrestlers stomp their feet being purify the band and rid it of any evil. As soon as which is done, the two male competitors face-off so that they can hit one other over. Initial wrestler to go out of the band or touch the floor with any human anatomy part besides their legs loses.

Seeing a sumo match is a quintessential Japanese knowledge, because while other nations have used the activity, Japan may be the only 1 whoever athletes compete professionally. Six 15-day tournaments are held over summer and winter (January, May and September only), and site visitors can visit the Kokugikan (Sumo Amphitheater) to see a Dohyo-iri (going into the band) ceremony and catch the activity of a live match. The Sumo Museum can also be a prime area to see sumo-related items, some internet dating dating back to 1600.

You'll be able to encounter sumo tradition by going to working out stables in Tokyo. Few tourists have the possiblity to check out a sumo steady and go through the day-to-day life of a wrestler, while the major (and often just) solution to get around is through trip. Small-group trips just take visitors around a training site to see in which athletes reside year-round, taste the traditional and hearty food of sumo wrestlers and maybe also catch one of those finding your way through fight.

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