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Untitled designIf I asked, “Give myself 5 things that you imagine symbolizes Japan.” exactly what can you say? I guarantee that a lot of people will add Sumo as one of the five. And just why maybe not? It’s extremely unique to own big over weight guys in fundoshi (the funny small underwear they wear) and gelled chonmage (a samuri buns) wrestling one another in just a little ring is not it? Therefore don’t wait any further! Head out truth be told there to check out it for yourself!


As an ex-wrestler myself, i will inform you your rules of sumo wrestling tend to be somewhat different and a great deal easier than freestyle wrestling. Initially, sumo wrestling has actually zero weight classes. Now you can probably tell the reason why it would be so beneficial for a wrestler to get fat is. 2nd, to win what you need to do is both push the adversary from the band, also known as dohyo, or make your opponent touch the floor with any body part apart from your toes. There's absolutely no point system while the wrestling time is a lot smaller than many other varieties of wrestling.

Untitled design (2)History

The history of sumo is a tad bit more tough to pin straight down. You can check-out a lot of different sources and so they all have slightly different tales of how the sport came about. What is relatively in line with most sources would be the fact that the activity of sumo features an association because of the Shinto religion.

It had been a ritual to demonstrate power or it was a-dance to entertain the gods. Whatever it could be, to this day today sumo continue to have particular shinto traditions that they have upheld. The throwing of salt is symbolic of purification as well as the layer of sand coating the clay dohyo. Sumo these days is not only a source of activity, but it is a means of waiting on hold to tradition and culture.

Schedule & Seating Tickets

Untitled design (1)Are you more interested in viewing some sumo now? Really if you should be, there are six annual sumo tournaments in Japan, three of which happen in Tokyo in January, May, and September. If you’ll be in Tokyo of these times perfect! You are able to go surfing and pre acquisition a ticket, or wait until the day of purchasing a ticket even though there is a risk of not being able to get in.

Seating could possibly get slightly complicated and very costly. If you'd like forward line chairs or maybe more like ringside seating, you’ll have to be happy to spend the practically 15, 000 yen per person. Discover possible that you will get an enormous sumo wrestler landing for you. When you don’t would you like to spend the cash or be broken perhaps the ringside chairs are not for you. However if you prefer the dash of unsure whether you’re going to get smashed or otherwise not after that do it!

4Then there are box seat ranking A, B, and C ( getting farther out of the ring) which chair 3 to 4 men and women which range from 30, 000 to 45, 000 yen. These containers are square places with bamboo mats making a comfortable seat but some people bring unique cushions too.Then you can find specific set aside seating you can buy that vary from 3, 500 to 9, 000 yen.

Today if you don’t head becoming on the really outskirt associated with the tournament and would like to pay a cheaper cost you can purchase a broad admissions ticket. This does not supply a reserved chair therefore can’t be preordered. These tickets aim for almost 2, 000 yen and also as inexpensive as 200 yen for children under 16 years old. Understand that you will find 15 days of sumo wrestling per tournament if you choose a day that’s less well-known (perhaps not first or end for the tournament) the seats usually are less expensive and you’re prone to get a seat!

Viewing Day Techniques

In the event that you aren’t in Tokyo during those competition days to not stress, you've kept a chance to view some sumo wrestling! Similar to all the professional athletes, sumo wrestlers need to place never ending hours of trained in too! Arashio-beya in Hamacho is when that occurs. Involving the hours of 6:30am and 10:30am sumo wrestlers place work and sweat in to the art of sumo wrestling.

It’s absolve to watch, you should be respectful of wrestlers and refrain from talking and using flash photography. Because practices can always change times if you’d choose to get in touch with advance to ensure training is going on, phone the night before between 4pm and 8pm. The amount is +81-(0)3-3666-7646 however they just speak Japanese therefore remember to have a Japanese friend necessitate you or exercise your lines before phoning

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