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Sumo wrestling USA

The Overseas Sumo Federation, founded in 1992, has made sumo much more available to athletes and fans all over the globe. These day there are over 80 user countries associated with the International Sumo Federation, and also the recreation continues to grow worldwide, since anyone can take part. Even though the focus on respect and control is maintained, individuals need not agree to the sumo life style full-time, such as the situation of professional sumo.

One goal of amateur sumo is to obtain sumo accepted as the official Olympic sport. To qualify for Olympic consideration, body weight and sex courses happen established and traditional Japanese sumo rituals have-been abbreviated for worldwide sumo activities. But the typical principles of competitors remain exactly the same.

Sumo, as a hobby and martial art, is good exercise, developing energy, freedom, endurance, and balance. Many members enjoy sumo merely as exercise or recreation, although some simply take amateur competitors seriously. Sumo is a comparatively safe contact recreation, using the consider method and self-cultivation.

American sumo wrestlers today tend to be pioneering the development of Japan's ancient custom in the usa. As other fighting styles have become and thrived in this country, the development of sumo in the U.S. has actually great possible, once we continuously strive to improve the caliber and range United states sumo athletes.


Men’s body weight course
Lightweight: around 85 kg (~ 187 lbs)
Middleweight: to 115 kg (~ 253 pounds)
Heavyweight: over 115 kg (253 pounds ~)

Women’s body weight course
Lightweight: as much as 65 kg (~ 143 pounds)

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