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TG 0As a sumo wrestler, it can take rate and precision to succeed in the band, and also to keep your fans given autographs.

When sumo wrestlers wish offer a memento to their followers, they don’t only signal an autograph placard, like regular Japanese superstars. To push residence precisely how massive these athletes tend to be, a sumo wrestler’s autograph is usually followed closely by a tegata, or inked handprint.

▼ The tegata of retired sumo wrestler Terao

But even when you’re a diehard sumo lover, you’re probably not likely to appear on arena with a huge adequate ink pad to pay for your hero’s entire hand. Because of that, sumo wrestlers usually make their particular tegata ahead of time should they understand they’re going to be able to control all of them on.

Having attained the title of yokozuna, the highest possible position in sumo globe, Hakuho Sho, whom competes in title Hakuho, features a more substantial fanbase than most other wrestlers.TG 1 That, in turn, means he needs to make an extra-large batch of tegata ahead of the future March Tournament, set-to begin Sunday in Osaka.

Fortunately, he appears to have manufacturing process down to a technology, as shown inside movie he recently tweeted.

今日は1500枚😅 Өнөөдөр 1500г дарлаа гэж

白鵬 翔 M.Davaajargal (@HakuhoSho69)

The Mongolian-born yokozuna taps on a stable rhythm, slapping his hand down again and again as an assisting wrestler removes the hand-printed cards from the bunch one by one. With this day, Hakuho had an overall total of 1, 500 teagata to have through, which is why his entire staff of helpers figures five, with anyone getting blank cards, another including all of them on to-be-stamped-pile, and last two stacking the stamped placards as they’re tossed their particular method.

Using the six sumo wrestlers working collectively in such efficient equilibrium, we’re yes Hakuho completed the stamping process right away, leaving him with the required time for back into training for the event, maybe by polishing his “deceiving cat” method.

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