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img_3396we're back with another installment of exploring a number of the lesser known conventional fighting techinques systems within the East Asia area – contributing to our assortment of checking out, and Wing Chun techniques and their application to MMA. This 1 is a good one, even as we diving into a few of the origins of wrestling / grappling in Asia.

Once we pointed out earlier in the day – the Mongolians on far north actually have the best chances of successful in MMA, while they develop in a warrior tradition that causes them to wrestle and farm every day because they were kids – making them powerful, durable, and grappling-centric through the really begin.

The Mongolians were the “OG’s” of grappling – initial Grapplers. These people were exercising wrestling since before time, and utilized their particular exceptional combat skills, power, and conditioning to rule over and overcome other lands.

But just something Mongolian Wrestling, and just why and how did Genghis Khan plus the Mongolian Empire take over all the understood globe at one point in time, extending their particular impact from China, to Russia, to chicken, completely toward doorsteps of western Europe?

View this full bout of Kung Fu pursuit – Mongolian Wrestling (a documentary series), where three town males go to Inner Mongolia to train Bokh wrestling – with English subtitles for the first time, and view for yourself the actual power, culture, and intricacies of Mongolian Wrestling.


Interesting takeaways:

  • The Mongolian government made their type of Bokh wrestling, archery, and horseback riding as formal recreations.
  • On a yearly basis in Mongolian communities they would have celebrations and gatherings to contend during these three arts.
  • Much like the way the Thai government made the art of Muay Thai their nationwide sport. This states a great deal – that if a country’s people were to be successful at any given quest or sport, including American wrestling, or Chinese sanshou etc. – it needs to be officially recognized, managed and taken seriously by the government initially, otherwise it's going to forever stay a fringe sport or hobby.
  • Mongolian guys are born and trained to do three things so that you can graduate in order to become a proper Mongolian guy, dubbed “The Three Manly abilities” – these were to master wrestling, horseback riding, and archery as a part of their curriculum and tradition.
  • Interesting visit a Chinese Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) college in Beijing. For uninitiated, Chinese wrestling precedes Japanese Judo, jiu-jitsu by a number of thousand years within the 1200’s BC period, whereas Japanese Judo, jiu-jitsu just came into importance inside 1900’s associated with the modern period.
  • The three town young men from Hong-Kong were no match for the country bred Mongolian wrestlers, no matter what skilled or strong they thought these were. These people were also regularly their particular town way of life and education methods.
  • It suggests that the harsh lifestyle in residing the countryside, specific wrestling instruction, in addition to training of these systems through diet and riding methods – creates top, strongest Mongolian fighters.
  • Genuine Mongolian masculinity originates from having the ability to protect your family, family, and being great fighters with skills (skills various other areas of the arts aswell).

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