Tsuna Sumo

Sumo Yokozuna

Sumo Yokozuna

Adored by ladies and admired for his powerful sumo style despite a somewhat small frame, former yokozuna Chiyonofuji ruled the game in the 1980s as a hugely well-known symbol. Chiyonofuji s demise from the night of July 31 from pancreatic cancer sent shock waves of despair for the nation. He was 61. Chiyonofuji, whoever appropriate name had been Mitsugu Akimoto, had supported…

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Sumo YouTube

Sumo YouTube

Todos los derechos reservados - All rights reserved - copyright © Pilar Azaña Talán PROHIBIDO EL USO DE MIS FOTOGRAFIAS - PROHIBITED TO USE MY PHOTOS ♫♥♥♫ Agustín Ibarrola (Bilbao, 1930), puede ser catalogado sin lugar a duda como uno de los artistas plásticos más importantes del siglo XX. Con una extensa y multidisciplinar obra reconocida mundialmente, dos son las constantes…

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Sumo Show Tokyo

Sumo Show Tokyo

The combination of crowds of people, costumes and service managed to make it feel just like a cross ­between a cricket surface, a theatre, and a cathedral. The Japanese have actually successfully fascinated Westerners by exporting all method of popular interruptions – karaoke, manga, Super Mario Land, karate – but sumo wrestling stays, squatting stubbornly in its birthplace…

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