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June 28, 1999Yarbrough, 34, had been the 1995 world amateur champ but features however to
win the us title. While his recreation may appear becoming,
inside the words, "only two fat dudes thumping bellies, " sumo is a
complex duel of strength, will and also wits. "oahu is the ultimate
mano a mano conflict, " states Yarbrough, "a real-life drama
which individuals are served with difficulties they need to resolve
in a really short time." An old recreation that predates baseball
by about 1, 000 many years, sumo keeps mythic status in Japan and
is making inroads within the U.S. (The North American Amateur will
be televised on ESPN and ESPN2.)

Sumo rules tend to be easy. Typically the wrestler straps on a
mawashi, climbs on the dohyo, tosses salt to cleanse the band,
keeps out his arms showing which he's unarmed, claps all of them to
alert the gods, stamps their legs to push away wicked spirits,
squats and faces their adversary showing value, then crouches
with what appears like a nosetackle's stance. Whenever both wrestlers'
fingers touch the bottom, it is showtime. One charges another and
tries to bulldoze him out of the band or onto his huge butt.
While most situations goes except eye-gouging, genital-grabbing,
punching and head-slapping, competent fighters opt for techniques that
throw opponents off balance. Whenever all is done-usually in less
than seven seconds-vanquisher and vanquishee bow together.

The soft-spoken Yarbrough played baseball at Morgan State at a
svelte 380 weight. He wrestled here at 460 and competed in U.S.
judo tournaments at 500. "all of us put on weight, " he claims. "Mine
only takes place in numerous increments." Following the North American
championships he might attempt a late-career return to the gridiron.
Yarbrough's representative, deep McGuinness, claims that NFL groups are
thinking about Emanuel if he is able to get his weight under a-quarter
of quite a bit. "I am able to picture him down because stance regarding the football

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