Adult Sumo Suits

Adult Sumo suits

Leasing fee $120

The Sumo fits are ideal for organization picnics, graduation events and other special events. An actual crowd pleaser!!

Fits we aged 10 to person.

Protection pad included.

Lease Sumo Suits for the after that party, chapel or school task, or business team building events occasion. It is sure to be a hit! Hilarious and fun for folks who take part in the event and for individuals who only want to be spectators.

Anyone age 10 to person who's in great physical wellness can be involved in this event. This rental includes two fully-padded, heavy duty sumo matches, a couple of sumo hair-styled helmets, mittens both for wrestlers, and a 14 foot x 14 base wrestling mat. You can easily hold this occasion everywhere you've got room enough for the wrestling pad. We recommend one spotter for each wrestler aside from having enough space or being on grass or carpet.

Preparing for the Match
We recommend that you possess wrestlers dress yourself in a separate space from your own audience. This produces even more excitement if they come out, and gives you to be able to explain the principles. To outfit the wrestlers, you'll need at least one individual assist each wrestler go into the fit.

This is what they do:
Gyoji (referee) presents individuals

by keeping the lover over each mind (not offered) and saying title of wrestler. Wrestlers go on to other sides associated with ring and show their energy together by grunting, growling, clapping, and stomping. Gyoji begins the match by losing the fan and yelling SUMO! Successful is stated whenever one wrestler knocks their opponent out from the ring or off their foot. If time allows you may choose to operate a best of 3 matches.

Determining the Winner
To win a Sumo Wrestling match you have to force your adversary out of the ring or off their particular legs. If any area of the human anatomy except that the feet touches the mat, successful is stated. If either opponent measures out of the ring anytime, successful is announced.

Legal Moves
Stomach Bumping (many productive method) pressing Pulling Lifting Having Fun Laughing at your opponent

Illegal Techniques
Clutching Grabbing stepping-out associated with means of a charging wrestler Jumping on your opponent if he/she is off their feet

This equipment calls for a charge card as a security deposit for seriously damaged, lost, or stolen gear and requires some one 18 years or older willing to sign a waiver kind that keeps that person responsible for someone injured while taking part in the big event.

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